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PRESS RELEASE: Governor signs first in the Nation “Women’s Voter Registration Day” into law


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Alexander Castagno



March 28, 2019

Salt Lake City, UT - Governor Herbert signed H.C.R. 16 “Women’s Voter Registration Day” into law on Monday. Utah will now be the first state to designate a day (February 14th) dedicated to women registering to vote.

H.C.R. 16 sponsored by Representative Melissa Ballard and Senator Deidre Henderson marks a milestone in the history of women’s voter participation in Utah. On February 14, 1870, Utah women became the first women to vote in the modern nation.

2020 is also the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which began the expansion of voting rights for women nationally and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, passed in 1965, to prohibit racial discrimination in voting.

Elsa Gary, a founder and Co-President of Voterise, a Utah nonpartisan nonprofit formed to increase registration and voting in Utah, recognized the unique history of women’s suffrage in Utah and introduced the idea of the resolution to the sponsors in hopes of encouraging more of our state's women to register to vote.

In 2016, 288,000 or 29% of Utah's eligible women were not registered to vote. VOTERISE is now focusing on them via a major initiative, the VOTERISE 2020 CHALLENGE, that is directed at women and will run through the 2020 election.

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