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Nonprofit Capacity Building

  • Utah used to have one of the lowest voter turnout in the nation, particularly among millennialS, communities of color, and people with lower than average educational attainment. With hard work, we are starting to see a change.

    • a) Utah ranked 23rd in voter turnout in 2018, an increase from 39th in 2016.

    • b) Only 16.8% of Utah's 18-29-year-olds voted in the 2018 midterm elections.

  • Nonprofits are uniquely well positioned to fill the gaps in the electorate, yet they may not realize how much they CAN do without compromising their nonpartisan status or credibility.

  • Others may feel that voting is furthest from the minds of the people they serve but that's not how this works! VOTERISE shows nonprofits what they CAN do in terms of voter registration and engagement, even with limited resources, and provides tools to make this important work fun and easy for your team and relatable and effective for the people they serve.

Voterise Resources for Nonprofits

  1. Download our "open source"VOLUNTEER TOOLKIT for tools and tips on voter registration.

  2. Let us know how VOTERISE can help your nonprofit do voter registration and civic engagement with your clients or members by filling out the ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE. 

  3. VOTERISE provides tools for you register your friends and followers to vote. Use our embedded WIDGET and image below on your website to collect voter registrations, and contact us to learn more about becoming a VOTERISE partner.

  4. Use the REGISTER image in your sidebar or at the top of your registration page.


Workplace Partnerships

  • Voterise partners with employers on workplace voter registration and engagement. Contact us for onsite voter registration information at your workplace.