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Do It 4 Grandma Now! 

Do It 4 Grandma is a multi-generational initiative aimed to honor the heroic efforts of those who fought so hard for women across the United States of America to have the right to voteWith the collaboration of grandmas and granddaughters and the combination of social media and celebrity outreach, we plan to keep electoral engagement in the family throughout the ages. Read below to learn how to get involved and #DoIt4Grandma!

Help Your Granddaughters Celebrate The 100th Anniversary of The 19th Amendment

The best way to celebrate a woman's right to vote... IS TO VOTE!

Here's how to nudge your granddaughter to do so:



Call, text, or email your granddaughters and ask them to register to vote for Grandma at

If you have extra time, send them a video message or a photo of their great-grandmothers or great-great-grandmothers

who could not vote and tell them to go to to #DoIt4Grandma!

Watch the videos below to get started:

Watch the first video as an introduction to #DoIt4Grandma and learn about the mother who influenced the final vote needed to ratify the 19th Amendment.

Watch the second video for an example of what to say to your own granddaughter! Check out 91-year-old Eileen's video that she sent to her two granddaughters.

 Do It 4 Grandma Now! 

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