Pledge, Plan, Pass It On

If you are already registered to vote, you are ready to join millions of other Americans in deciding our future! Now LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN...

Join our get-out-the-vote campaign to PLEDGE, PLAN, PASS IT ON... 

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How does this work?

Click on the photo above...Hit <share> (Facebook). Share your responses...

1. Pledge to vote. If you like, say why you are voting or what issue makes you get out and vote. 

2. Plan: how/when/where you will vote.  Note that your employer must give you 2 PAID hours off to vote BY LAW--as long as you request in advance.

3. Pass: Challenge 4+ friends to do the same by tagging them on social media. 

Just remember: The more prepared people are, the more likely they are to vote.